Dental Implants in Shelton, CT

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Strong, durable, and stable, dental implants have become the treatment of choice to replace missing teeth. They restore virtually all original bite strength, and they reverse jawbone loss by replacing the roots of the teeth.

Virtually anyone can become a good candidate for dental implants. If you have an underlying medical condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure, you are at increased risk from any surgery, so those conditions must be tightly controlled. If you have other oral health issues such as gum disease or tooth decay, we must treat those before we begin. If you have severe jawbone loss, you may need a bone graft to support the implants. Within these parameters, though, there is no reason not to choose dental implants.

Single Tooth Dental Implants

Single Dental implants in Shelton Near Derby

A single dental implant topped with a crown is the right solution to replace one tooth. We will place a tiny, biocompatible titanium screw in your jawbone and cover it with a healing cap or a cover screw. After several weeks of healing, when the implant is fused with the bone, we will remove the cover and use a piece known as an abutment to attach a customized, highly natural-looking crown.

Implant Supported Bridge in Shelton

If you are missing three or more teeth in a row, an implant supported bridge may be the best choice. Rather than disturb the natural teeth, we will anchor both ends of the bridge to dental implants. This restoration is both aesthetic and highly functional.

Implant Supported Dentures in Shelton

Just two implants can stabilize a removable denture, while a handful of implants can be used to permanently attach a complete, fixed arch of teeth. Both options are a major improvement over traditional dentures, which can slip and pinch. Additionally, traditional dentures restore only a small portion of bite strength, while implant supported dentures restore your ability to bite and chew even tough foods.

Mini Dental Implants in Shelton Near Derby

Mini dental implants are the treatment of choice for those who have little space between their natural teeth, have a small jaw, or do not want to wait several months for traditional implants to heal. Smaller than traditional implants, MDIs are placed with a minimally invasive procedure that rarely needs sutures, and the final restoration can typically be placed on the same day.

Full Arch with Four Implants

All-on-4 in Shelton Near Derby

For those who are missing all of the teeth on the lower or upper arch, a full arch with four implants changes the game. Just four immediate-load dental implants allow us to attach a complete, fixed arch of teeth on the same day that the failing teeth are extracted.

Guided Dental Implant Placement in Shelton

We use high-tech tools including 3-D cone beam scanning and virtual treatment planning to design a personalized implant placement map. Combined with our clinical skills and extensive experience, this ensures that each implant is located and positioned to optimize function, aesthetics, and longevity.

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