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dental milling machineA chipped or cracked tooth can happen when you least expect it. After the trauma to your mouth, you must face your daily activities with a broken tooth and pain from exposed nerve endings. Traditionally, you would schedule a dentist appointment to be fit for a crown to repair the damage and get your life back to normal in two to four weeks. In the meantime, you might wear a temporary crown or filling, which isn’t particularly comfortable.

What Makes Same-Day Unique?

A dental crown – an artificial, permanent cap made from gold or porcelain – helps repair chipped or cracked teeth. Rather than sitting over top, it fits over the entire tooth, extending down to the gum line.

Back in the day, patients would wait two weeks to one month for a crown. The dentist had to make a mold and have it sent to an off-site lab that created the crown. For many patients, the resulting crown wouldn’t always be a perfect fit, so adjustments might take place after the two-week waiting period. During that time, you would be given a filling or temporary crown to ease discomfort. Yet, these impermanent crowns have been known to fall out or feel awkward in your mouth.

Ultimately, same-day crowns cut out the wait time and potential discomfort from temporary coverings. CAD/CAM and 3D modeling technology in the office allow your dentist to create the model and new crown while you’re in the waiting room. Additionally, you leave the office same-day with a precisely fitted, comfortable crown that doesn’t run the risk of falling out.

How Does It Work?

A small 3D camera is used to take pictures of the broken teeth and create a digital image with all precise measurements and particulars, including current indents, fissures and pits. This detailed image is used to manufacture the crown on-site, using a milling machine to create it out of ceramic. Once the crown is ready, it’s fitted and glued to your tooth. The result looks far more natural than a traditional crown and it’s significantly more durable than other available options.

Are You a Good Candidate?

Not every damaged tooth can be remedied by a same-day crown. The location and degree of damage will affect which solutions may be available. For instance, if the fracture goes below the gum line, a traditional crown may be a better fit. During your consultation, one of our dentists will examine your teeth, explore your options and address all questions or concerns.

After your appointment, you will be provided with post-care instructions to protect your new crown and reap its long-term benefits.
If you have any trouble, we accommodate emergencies same-day!

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