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First Visit

Your First Visit

The patient experience at Smile Dental Center is unlike any other. From the moment you walk in the door, you’re made to feel welcome and at ease. We understand many people get anxious about seeing a dentist, so it’s our top priority to make everyone feel comfortable.

After you are greeted and checked in by our friendly reception staff, you can relax in our peaceful, open and modern waiting area.

Our staff is dedicated to the wellbeing of every patient. We treat the whole patient, going above and beyond to provide a personalized, attentive and professional dental experience.

At your initial visit, please be prepared with the following:

  • Your dental insurance card
  • List of medications you are currently taking

If you need antibiotics prior to dental work, please take them as prescribed. If you’re unsure whether or not antibiotics are needed, please contact your doctor prior to your visit.

The initial visit will begin with a 30-minute comprehensive oral exam, performed by one of our doctors. During this meeting, you can share any background information pertinent to your dental health, as well as any changes or pain you’ve been experiencing. X-rays may be taken if needed. Next, you are scheduled with a hygienist for 60 minutes.

After you are seen by a doctor and hygienist, our team will develop an appropriate treatment plan to help you achieve and maintain a healthy smile. When the plan is presented, we encourage you to ask questions. Scheduling and payment information can be discussed with our front desk staff.

Whether you need a teeth cleaning, cavity filling or a brand-new smile, Smile Dental Center is here to help. Great dental care not only leaves you with a fantastic-looking smile, but also promotes overall health and wellness. We’re dedicated to giving all patients the confidence to share their smiles with the world!
You can access our Patient Forms online or arrive 10 minutes early to fill out your initial paperwork.

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