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What Are the Different Types of Dental Crowns?

A dental crown may be recommended to restore function and approve the appearance of a patient’s damaged tooth. Dental crowns act as a cap that protects the enamel and improves bite strength. There are several options to achieve these enhancements. What Is a Dental Crown? When a cavity is too large for a filling or…

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Is There a Link Between Dental and Heart Health?

Most people consider the mouth and heart to be two separate systems, yet research has shown a connection between them. Specifically, dental health may influence heart health. The Link Between Dental and Heart Health Several decades ago, theories regarding a link between heart health and quality of your teeth and gums started to emerge. Research…

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Is Charcoal Good For Oral Health?

Activated charcoal has taken the beauty world by storm. This ingredient is now present in many facial cleansers, scrubs, masks and more recently, toothpaste. While activated charcoal has supposed whitening properties and may seem like a gentler alternative to other chemical-based whitening solutions, it can be abrasive. Before trying activated charcoal toothpaste, here’s what you…

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What Causes Halitosis?

Halitosis, also known as chronic bad breath, affects many adults. A lack of proper oral care is often the cause. As mints and mouthwash do not lessen its presence, professional dental care becomes necessary to address the issue. What Is Halitosis? Halitosis is different than “morning breath”. It lingers after brushing and is not easily…

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Caring for Your Teeth After a Root Canal

Root canals are a fairly common dental procedure, essential for patients with a tooth infection, decay and subsequent pain. How does the process work? After administering anesthesia, a dentist removes the infected tissue, seals the tooth and provides instructions for post-surgical care. A follow-up visit will be scheduled for a crown to be added, so…

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