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What Is a Tooth Abscess?

If you’re feeling pain in your teeth or gums and notice pus, you could have a tooth abscess. This oral infection can affect different areas of the tooth, including the roots and gums. When seeking dental care for your mouth pain, here’s what you should know. What Is a Tooth Abscess? Tooth abscesses are the…

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How Smoking and Tobacco Affect Your Teeth

There are countless advertising campaigns about the damaging effects of smoking and tobacco use on your body. Most focus on lung health but when it comes to your mouth, these habits can also contribute to several dental issues, from receding gums, staining and bad breath to gum disease and loose teeth. These habits further increase…

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What to Know About Periodontal Pockets

Many individuals experience periodontitis, commonly known as gum disease. Associated with tooth loss and leading to other conditions like diabetes and heart disease, gum disease often starts off with periodontal pockets, which indicate an infection that could worsen. What Are Periodontal Pockets? In general, periodontal pockets arise as gingivitis progresses to full-blown gum disease. In…

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